Walking in Air ‘de chez soi’

2021, Traces

of (local) fieldwork. 20/10/2021


All of us undertook some local fieldwork between 16  and 19 September 2021. We set a deadline for the completion of traces a few weeks after our online recollection event. Our prompts, chosen for optional orientation in our walks, were the following:

'Knowledge is formed along paths of movement in the weather-world’ (Tim Ingold, 2010)

‘Setting sun. A mourning dove compounds invisible declensions’ (Susan Howe, 2015)

‘Between earth and sky, a breath comes and goes, joining one to the other’ (Luce Irigaray, 2001)

Antoine Beuger

Antoine produced a text that considers walking in/ on air and on/ off the ground and quotes from Rebecca Solnit’s book Hope in the Dark.

Leni Dipple


Leni contributed a prose text about walking in her garden, a poem and a recording made a few years ago of a chorus of midwife toads. As she notes, this sound is rarely to be heard in her garden now.

Will Montgomery


Will produced a text reflecting on a poem by Peter Gizzi and an essay by Sharon Cameron on qualities of attention in Simone Weil. He made an audio recording by using contact mics to capture the sound of air ‘playing’ metal fencing near the top of Wolstonebury Hill in Sussex.

Marianne Schuppe

Marianne walked on the Tüllinger Hügel mountain near Basel. Her text describes a visit to an abandoned cabin in the countryside that she had last visited 15 years ago.

Sandra Schimag

Sandra submitted an illustration with an accompanying poem.

Stefan Tut


Stefan walked in a park near his home in Solothurn, Switzerland. He produced a short text about his experience of walking in air and an audio recording.

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé


Emmanuelle walked in Whitehorse Meadow, Thornton Heath. Her walk led to two text scores and an audio recording.

Carol Watts

Carol walked on Blackheath, making notes towards her ongoing ‘Pond’ book project (which forms the basis of one of our 2023 activities).

All traces are available on the CDLA website.

Details of our fieldwork are here.

Walking in Air in Thornton Heath. E.Waeckerlé, Le centre des livres d’artistes (2021)
(5 postcards in tracing paper envelope with printed label, edition of 250).