Walking in Air ‘de chez soi’

2021, Fieldwork

(local)fieldwork and collective recollection (online). 20/09/2021


A group of composers, poets and artists from the UK and Europe were invited to undertake some local ‘Walking in Air’ fieldwork and to share reflective documentation. This was a remote activity, scheduled at a time when international travel was still not feasible due to the pandemic.

With With Will Montgomery and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (project organisers), Antoine Beuger, Leni Dipple, Romaric Hardy, Sandra Schimag, Marianne Schuppe, Stefan Thut and Carol Watts.

Recollection (online)

Participants were asked to engage in fieldwork close to their homes. (Instead of a planned four-day residential event at the Centre Des Livres d’Artistes (CDLA), which was postponed to Autumn 2022).


Participants were sent three quotations we selected from our preliminary research. These texts could be deployed in any way they found helpful or stimulating, and their use was entirely optional. Fieldwork was undertaken between 16 and 19 September 2021.


This was followed on the 20th of September by a two-hour online collective gathering, where stories, impressions, recordings, writings and images were shared and discussed. 


Participants were asked to submit traces – works emerging from the Walking in Air fieldwork – a few weeks after our recollection event.

Some traces of our fieldwork are available here.