Walking in Air in Ditchling

2022, Traces

of our first public fieldwork event. 28-29/05/2022


In  May 2022 we undertook a weekend of local fieldwork around Ditching, hosted by the Ditching Museum of Art & Craft. We set a deadline for the completion of traces for a few weeks after that. In the schedule distributed to participants we suggested the following prompts:

'Knowledge is formed along paths of movement in the weather-world’ (Tim Ingold, 2010)

‘Setting sun. A mourning dove compounds invisible declensions’ (Susan Howe, 2015)

‘Between earth and sky, a breath comes and goes, joining one to the other’ (Luce Irigaray, 2001)

Ryoko Akama


Ryoko'a score 'bench piece'

Among Ryoko’s activities on the Saturday was the making of a video and a score. We performed the score with workshop participants the following day on Ditchling Green.

Will Montgomery


As part of the collective walk, Will made a recording by placing two microphones in a cavity in a tree. All but the lower frequencies have been filtered from this audio file, which will need headphones for playback. When walking solo on the Saturday morning, Will performed a listening score by Pauline Oliveros and made this video documenting a walk repeated over 30 minutes and accompanied by feedback generated from ambient audio.

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé


Emmanuelle walked on Lodge Hill and improvised a text on air, breathing, collectivity and the present moment. This text is framed with a prose reflection and was also converted into four text scores for walking in air in Ditching or elsewhere. Emmanuelle also stood still on Lodge Hill, halted in her thinking and walking by impressive birdsong. On her way back to base, she stumbled across whistle-walking – a way of walking, breathing and generating sound by means of a pitch pipe.

Carol Watts

Carol walked on Lodge Hill, thinking about parabolas and the trajectory of the Roman Road that runs from Lodge Hill to Hassocks. She made a video while walking and a drawing after her walk.

Some traces of Emmanuelle’s  ‘walking in Air’  fieldwork are available on Pamenar online magazine

Details of our preliminary fieldwork here.