Walking in Air in Ditchling

2022, Fieldwork

fieldwork, collective recollection @ Ditchling Museum of Art&Craft. 28-29/05/2022


The Walking in Air project spent the weekend of 28-29 May at Ditchling Museum of Art+Craft. Participants were Will Montgomery and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (project organisers), artist/ composer Ryoko Akama and poet Carol Watts.

Ryoko, Carol, Emmanuelle and Will

We walked separately and together on the Saturday, finding different ways of bringing the element of air into contact with the activity of walking. Taken together in our activities, we find that the two become both the object of thought and a metaphor for thought.

On the Sunday we ran a workshop with nine members of the public. Everyone walked and we performed a score generated by Ryoko at lunchtime. We concluded the day with a rich two-hour conversation – or ‘recollection’– about what we had done and what we had thought about.

A few ‘traces’ of our local fieldwork

Some traces of our fieldwork are available here.