Walking in Air in Folkestone

2022, Fieldwork

(local) fieldwork and collective recollection @URBAN ROOM. 03/07/2022


We participated in Open Quarter & Profound Sound 2022. We invited six local individuals – artists, composers, a photographer and an ecologist – to explore with us the idea of Walking in Air as a model for speculative thinking, for creative activity and for reconsidering our place within the natural environment

With Will Montgomery and Emmanuelle Waeckerlé (project organisers), Diane Dever (Urban Room), Rubiane Maia, Sophie Stone, Mick Williamson, Maureen Wolloshin, Melanie Wrigley.

Introductory meeting

We each undertook individual field work in our own time, the experience of which was shared later on. Participants could choose to orient their activity around one or more of three given quotes in the schedule at the foot of the page.


31st May 2022
Introductory zoom meeting with all participants.

Between 31st May and 3rd July 2022
Preliminary field work & reflective documentation.
We individually conducted local walking in air field work and took some time to reflect upon and document the occasion

3rd July 2022, 2 to 5pm, Urban Room, Folkestone
Collective recollection.
We gathered to share and discuss traces and stories of this local ‘walking in air’ fieldwork. The event was open to the public.

Collective recollection at Urban Room

Some traces of our fieldwork are available here.