Walking in Air in St-Yrieix-la-Perche

2022, Traces

of fieldwork hosted by Le Centre des Livres d'Artistes. 08-11/09/2022


We undertook local fieldwork during a three-day residency (08-11/09/2022) with the same participants as for Walking in Air ‘de chez soi’. On the second day,  we embarked on a number of walks in the countryside of L’Auvezére near Anlhiac, some of us walking singly and some of us in a group. We set a deadline for the completion of traces a few weeks after our residency. Our prompts, chosen for optional orientation in our walks, were the following:

'To wander is literally to wind along’ (Tim Ingold, 2010)

‘Make a way for the wind’ (Yoko Ono, 1962)

‘In the wind Time walks’ (Nanao Sakaki (1980)

‘A textual nimbus, air born’ (Peter Gizzi, 2016)

Antoine Beuger


Having spent much of the previous day examing the cdla’s Fluxus holdings, Antoine devised a text listing people participating in Mieko Shiomi’s “spatial poem 1‐9”; he submitted an audio recording of himself whistling these names, treating the list as a score.

Leni Dipple

Walnut on blue background 18/10/22

Leni submitted a visual poem made in response to a walnut shell she found.

Will Montgomery


Photos taken on Sept. 10 2022

Will contributed a visual image combining a succession of images of the pond taken as he walked around it while making a recording (subsequently discarded). He also submitted an audio recording made that morning in the accommodation he was sharing with Emmanuelle, Stefan and Marianne.

Marianne Schuppe


Marianne wrote a poem composed of single words centred on the page, words that she came across or thought about during her fieldwork. She submitted this as a trace, along with a recording of herself reading the poem made sometimes later.

Sandra Schimag

Sandra submitted a visual poem made in response to the residency that she performed at our public event.

Stefan Tut

video taken on Sept. 9 2022

Photo taken on Sept. 10 2022

Stefan submitted some photos taken during his walk around Anlhiac, a video made on the first day of the residency in Saint Yrieix, and a handwritten text generated subsequently.

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé


Emmanuelle walked in and around Whitehorse Meadow, Thornton Heath, the same location than for her previous fieldwork of January 2021. Her walk led to an audio recording of her thinking aloud, a transcription of it framed by two reflective texts, two videos, and five text scores.

Romaric Hardy


Romaric was unable to participate in the residency, but submitted audio and audiovisual recordings of his walking in air in Brittany.

Francis Edeline

Françis was also unable to participate in the residency, and submitted some existing text pieces of his that he felt resonated with our invitation.